Friday, October 30, 2009

Slambook of Anushka Manchanda

What Anushka Manchanda says about herself:
  • Love colour and wear bright extensions in my hair.
  • Played the drums in high school.
  • Love the beach but can't swim well.
  • Tested voice for my first playback song Golmaal, over the phone at the security check of Chennai's airport.
  • Have sung several songs in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada too, without any knowledge of the language.
  • Have two tattoos, one behind my ear and one on my foot.
  • Love food.
  • Read a lot, all kinds of fiction.
  • Wrote the music section for a teen magazine for a couple of editions.
  • Like black nailpaint.
  • Want to sing 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' with Aerosmith on stage.
  • Want to kiss Keanu Reeves, just once.
  • I am a fun hog.
  • Was a perfect, cultural captain and vice headgirl in school.
  • Love pictionary and taboo.
  • Buy shoes wherever I go.
  • Love posing for pictures.
  • Am a scaredy cat and can't watch any horror movies.
  • Don't know how to cook, but want to learn.
  • Sculpt and paint pretty well.
  • Used to have a unibrow.
  • Can dance dance dance all night long.
  • Am super kicked that Bappida knows my name.
  • Love Apollo 440.
  • Am attracted to shiny things.
  • Will watch anything on TV, even the ads.
  • Think Akshay Kumar is hot hot hot.

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  1. "You sing very nicely, "dude looks like a lady" fantastic. I listen this song every day"